Erica Dunn (Thomas), NSSA


Working as a teller through high school at a small bank in Zanesville, Ohio, Erica never imagined she would have a desire for a career in the financial service industry; especially not after completing a bachelor degree in Marketing/PR. She spent most of her career with The Huntington National Bank. She held several positions during her 6 years with The Huntington, that have allowed her to build a skill set, and gain necessary licensingto explore her interest in the world of investments. At the beginning of March 2016,  Erica gained a certification to be able to assist clients with Social Security planning and strategy.

Outside of her career, and being part of the Vorisek team, she really enjoys spending time with her family. She absolutely love animals, and enjoys volunteering at Cha animal shelter. She always looks forward to reading a good book. One of her favorite authors for inspiration and perspective, is Joyce Meyer.